Welcome to Northcove, a specialized division of Northwind Computers. With over a quarter-century of experience in the IT managed services industry, Northwind Computers has established a legacy of excellence and innovation. Recognizing the growing need for dedicated cybersecurity solutions, we established Northcove. Our mission is to offer bespoke cybersecurity services, focusing exclusively on protecting your digital assets. Unlike the broader scope of services at Northwind, Northcove zeroes in on the critical area of cybersecurity, ensuring that our expertise is fully aligned with your specific security needs. Discover the Northcove difference: specialized, focused, and committed to safeguarding your online world.

The services we provide

Cyber Audits

Identity and Access Management

SaaS Protection

Endpoint Security

Network Security

B2B/C2C Consulting

Phishing Campaigns

Content Filtering

Benefits of working us

Securing Your Digital World with Northcove’sAdvanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Expertise, Innovation, Trust – The Pillars of Your Cybersecurity Defense

Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead of cybercriminals with our continuously evolving, cutting-edge security technologies

Trust and Reliability

Partner with a company that values your security as much as you do, ensuring trust and reliability in all our engagements